Obstacle Dominator
Episode #37: How To Dominate The Spartan Combine & How To Become a Spartan Certified Coach

In this episode, Ben Greenfield interviews Joe DiStefano, the evil mastermind behind the upcoming Spartan SGX East Coast Combine (register with 10% discount code BEN10).

Registration is now open for the East Coast Combine at the Blue Mountain Ski Area in Pennsylvania on July 14 and 15, the week between the Spartan Pennsylvania Spartan Races.

This is your chance to show the Spartan Nation what you are made of. There will be prizes for men and women: -$500 for first place -$300 for second place -$200 for third place The Combine’s goals are to assess athletes’ performance and to draw parallels across other sports. If you are a seasoned competitor in any sport, join Spartan at the East Coast Combine to see how you compare. The action starts Tuesday, July 14 at 5 pm and concludes Wednesday, July 15 at 1 pm. During this show, Ben and Joe discuss: -Their workouts of the week... -What happened at the West Combine (results above)... -What's new at the East Combine... -How to crank out burpees as fast as possible... -How to climb a rope quickly...(check out S-hook vs. J-hook here) -How to throw a huge amount of spears in a short period of time as accurately as possible... -How to carry a bucket fast... -How to crawl under barbwire fast... -What it takes to be a Spartan SGX Coach... -And much more!

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