Obstacle Dominator

In this maiden voyage episode of the brand new Obstacle Dominator podcast, we cover a ton of topics, including:

-Who is Hunter McIntyre?

-Who is Ben Greenfield?

-Tips and tricks for the Spartan Beast

-What are the best gloves to use for obstacle racing?

-Are there good business opportunities for obstacle racing?

Resources we discuss in this episode:

-Sami Inkinen's run protocol for Wildflower

-Obstacle Racing Media

-HumanX Gloves

-Reebok Compression Top

-Reebok All Terrain shoe

-Ben's Superhuman Coach Network

-Hunter's Magazine Cover Photos (below)

huntercoverQuestions, comments or feedback? Leave 'em below, and go to http://www.ObstacleDominator.com to ask your questions now!

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